Performing Arts DVD
Performing Arts DVD
Alaska A Photographic Journey DVD
The majestic and breath-taking beauty of Alaska unfolds before you.
Soaring mountainscapes, blue icebergs, breaching whales, playful seals, noble eagles, whimsical puffins and stunning Northern Lights.

Alaska DVD ImagesTake a relaxing journey through Alaska while viewing this beautiful collection of world-class imagery taken by award-winning nature photographers. Experience the grandeur of America’s highest mountain peaks, imposing glaciers, sculpted ice-forms and amazing wildlife.

While enjoying the stunning professional photography in the latest digital format, you’ll hear original music specifically written for the Alaska DVD by award-winning composer Matt Messina. This magnificent Digital Art Show will inspire your imagination whether in anticipation or recollection of your memorable travels to Alaska.

You will play this Alaska DVD again and again, as nearly 300 images provide a constantly changing backdrop for entertaining. Share your adventure with friends and family on your HDTV, television or computer. Let the extraordinary music, written and scored for these spectacular images, take you on a wondrous visual journey of peaceful relaxation and inner reflection.

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Matt Messina, Composer for Alaska DVDMatt Messina is a native Seattle symphony composer now living in Los Angeles scoring music to film and television.

His inimitable style of songwriting and composition has earned him accolades within the recording industry (ASCAP, NARIS). He has taken home 2 Best Score awards; The Festival Tous Courts in France and The One reel Film festival in the US. His scores are heard in theaters around the world. His symphonies are performed by some of America's preeminent orchestras. When he is not writing music, Matt travels around the globe exploring new lands and cultures. These discoveries from other lands lend a certain quality and uniqueness to his music.

Matt has 14 albums distributed throughout the N.American, European, and Asian markets.

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