Performing Arts DVD
Performing Arts DVD
David Muench and Marc Muench Photography
The forces of nature—earth, air, fire and water—are more nuance than violence on a day-to-day basis, but the results are magnificent. The wind shapes and reshapes dunes endlessly. The ocean carves away at the headland with every changing tide. The eruption of a volcano stuns with its raw power and the energy released by a summer lightning storm cracks the sky with pure power.

When these forces are examined by the artful eye of master Primal Forces DVD Imagesphotographers, David & Marc Muench, and set to music by Steven Halpern, one of the most influential contemporary keyboard artists of the last 30 years, the result is breathtaking. Every frame of this DVD Digital Art Show™ reveals the awesome power of our planet and the primal forces that endlessly shape it.

Fascinate your guests at parties, relax to the serene beauty and soothing soundtracks, or polish your photography skills with detailed photo notes. Accompanied by the magical and healing music of New Age keyboardist Steven Halpern, you’ll play this disc again and again as nearly 300 images provide a constantly changing backdrop for entertaining, meditation and your own personal enlightenment

Marc MuenchDavid MuenchDavid Muench’s lifetime pathway is an aesthetic search for mystery, rhythm, and opposing forces—a search that has led to spectacular depth and harmony in his photography. Marc Muench has made a career of capturing on film the relationship between people and the landscape. Father and son have published a stunning array of photography books and their work has appeared in numerous magazines.

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Steven Halpern

Steven HalpernSteven Halpern is the world's leading composer and recording artist of music for relaxation, wellness and “sound health.” For over 30 years, he has pioneered and promoted the healing powers of music through his recordings, books, media appearances and workshops.

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