Performing Arts DVD
Musician, composer and recording artist Scott Cossu is hard to catagorize. His background in jazz and rhythm and blues, combined with his years of classical training and his study of ethnic music from Sudan, Thailand, China, Romania and Ecuador result in a unique music that has been performed in concerts worldwide and recorded since 1981.
Scott has produced many successful albums and has toured the world, giving more than 1000 concerts. His latest recording projects include a fusion of classical and jazz styles.

"Having lived in the Northwest for most of my life, it has come to be more than just home. Here is where my family grows, where I compose, and spend time with friends. In the mountains, along the waters, and in the mossy forest I seek out solitude and comfort, and renew my spirit. I have been inspired by the lushness and beauty the great Northwest has to offer. I hope to bring you a glimpse of these musical inspirations and give you a walk down a wondrous Emerald Pathway." -Scott Cossu
Emerald Pathway is available from Alula Visions