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Performing Arts DVD presents a SPECIAL EDITION masterpiece from legendary photographer Art Wolfe with original music from Scott Cossu.

Nine years in the making. Photographed on 7 continents. Art Wolfe's award winning photography book Edge of the Earth + Corner of the Sky is the basis for this DVD Digital Art Show™.  Fascinate your guests at parties, relax to the serene beauty and soothing music, or polish your photography skills with the detailed photo notes on the bonus CD-ROM. This Art Wolfe DVD takes you from the Great Bahamas Bank to the icebound Arctic, this work is Wolfe’s strongest environmental statement about the land and the plight of our diminishing wild places.

Witness the sheer wonder and drama of our miraculous Earth with images from the book, plus equally glorious photos originally left on the light table, accompanied by the beautiful and refreshing music of renowned New Age jazz pianist Scott Cossu. You’ll play this disc again and again as nearly 300 images provide a constantly changing backdrop for entertaining, meditation, and your personal enlightenment.
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The SPECIAL EDITION features a bonus CD ROM which includes notes covering the specific equipment and techniques used by Art Wolfe to capture each image as well as why these photos were taken. The information ranges from tips on how to shoot multiple exposures and extremely low shutter speeds to insights about some of the Earth’s most environmentally unique and sensitive places. Learn from the master and take your photography to a new level!
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Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe DVD portraitFrequently compared to Ansel Adams, Art Wolfe received the first ever Rachael Carson Award from the National Audubon Society and was named Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year. He is a Canon “Explorer of Light” and Fujifilm “Talent Team” member. Wolfe has taken an estimated one million images in his lifetime and has released over sixty books.
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Art Wolfe

Cossu Art Wolfe DVD portraitFeatured on over 50 Windham Hill recordings, Scott’s music combines the enduring qualities of classical music with a contemporary hint of jazz. These selections from his latest CD, Emerald Pathway, on the Alula Visions label, were inspired by the mountains, forests, and waterways of the Pacific Northwest. 
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Art Wolfe DVD special features
Art Wolfe DVD special edition features
Art Wolfe Special Edition DVD features
This Art Wolfe Edge of the Earth - Corner of the Sky DVD is a treasure you will use again and again